Mohican Herefords

Mohican Milestones




First Polled Herefords on farm in Ohio.

Conard and Nancy purchased initial farm in Ohio.

First registered Polled Herefords (Mohican Hills).


Purchased the Mountain Meadow herd; 373 females and Vindicator.
FiFi 3067 was added as a foundation female.


Established Western Bull Market.
Purchased interests in Crowdpleaser and Sara 569R.






Established Mohican West in Laurel, Montana.

Developed cow herd, acquired Boomer 46B and PW Victoria 8114.

Developed Sale facility in Ohio and held our first IPO production sale.

First production sale in Montana. Sold Nasdaq P316.

Built sale facility at Mohican West and established annual production sale and bull sale at MW.

The first Polled Herefords arrived on the farm in 1937. Dad had just purchased the farm where Nancy and I currently live. He purchased a group of cows to put on this land. They originated in Texas and wore a FFF brand. They came into Danville on rail and delivered by Banbury and sons. Banbury was on the early polled Hereford producers. These were commercial cows and quite unfamiliar with people. It was an experience.

Nancy and I purchased our home farm in 1953 and continued to raise commercial feeders and fed some steers, along with general farming.

I got sidetracked in the late 50’s, and entered into the specialty metals industry serving the aerospace and corrosion control markets. We found ourselves in California in the early 60’s with a desire to return to our farm in Ohio. Upon our returned, we acquired a small herd of registered Polled Herefords from F.W. Heaton and Mohican was born. We kept the herd small as my time was divided between a growing metals business and the farm. Nancy and our ever growing family handled a lot of the cattle and faming operations. All were experienced operators at an early age.

Major changes happened in 1977 when we stepped up our program with the purchase of Mountain Meadow herd. 373 females and Vindicator arrived in Ohio. Victoria 3067 (FiFi) joined our herd as a foundation female with our entry into embryo transfer. We sorted the Mountain Meadow herd and retained a select group. We sold several large lots to establish other herds including: Dr. Aury, Ohio; Whippoorwill Farms, NC; and Curry Farms, KY.

We added some professional help, Nan was getting tired and started showing on a National basis. We had good success and developed a wider marketing plan. We acquired interested in Crowd Pleaser and Sara 569R. Both were National Champion females. We also had acquired flush rights on Ace Tally Belle. She produced the National Champion Ace Mohican Broker.

During the 80’s, we developed a bull market in the west. We fed and sold our Ohio bulls in Wyoming. In 1989 we were looking to establish in the west and acquired the Mohican West location.

At the Beartooth dispersion, we acquired many of the progeny of Sara 569R. These included Tradition, Dan and several daughters. To this we added two entire heifer calf crops from the Ohio operation to form the Mohican West herd.

We continued to show nationally, however, our main interest has been in developing a good productive cow herd. To aid in this endeavor, we selected Boomer 46B. We also added an interest in PW Victoria 8114. This cross produced several herd sires and females that are used worldwide and have continued to excel through the next generations. To mention a few; P606, Nasdaq, Beth 4L.

We continue to strive to develop the herd to first be efficient mothers that have fertility, maternal capability and longevity.

It has been a great ride!!!